ChocoVillage is a game in which you control a small slime visiting a very sweet village. In this village resides the Donut Chief, guarding the "Sair" statue, that looks really dellicious. How the Slime will proceed to interact with the village and to what end such interactions will lead are up to you. There are 4 different endings, can you get them all?

This game was made for the GammaNet GameJam 3, a 48h Game Jam with the theme: "The whole game in one screen".

This Game Jam was created to help people who were afraid of doing their first Jam and paired people with experience with people without. The members with experience were encouraged to teach the firstcommers the ropes so more people can participate in the joy of gamemaking.

If you liked the character's design and animations, check out Caio Cordeiro's page at
This was his first Jam and the team is very glad he enjoyed his experience and hopes that he will participate in the next one.

AuthorsPHD, Caio "Rathalos" Cordeiro
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Average sessionA few minutes


Download 11 MB

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